Fits all BMW K1200LT years 1999-2009

Design features:

1) Easily removable. (Armrest can be removed with two bolts per armrest - The complete system can be unbolted with no protruding or ugly mounts)

2) Low profile. (Does not hinder the passenger getting on or off).

3) Low cost.

4) Well detailed step-by-step instructions with corresponding photos makes for a easy install.

5) Safety for the passenger. (Armrests designed to fail under overload conditions so as not to cause the passenger injury)

6) They stay in the up position when not in use and do not flop around.

7) All stainless steel mounting fasteners.

8) Powder coated parts.

9) Armrest pads are vinyl coated pads with a plastic mounting base.

10) Looks great, just like OEM.

11) One year warranty.
The armrests come only in the color black.
If the standard armrest heights are not satisfactory contact me for pricing on custom height mounts.
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Eagle Innovations BMW K1200LT Armrests

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As Bill Garrison says "I am the one man Sales-Manufacturing-ordering-repair/replacement guy" and I have a day job too.
Note:  The installation of the armrest will limit the opening of the trunk top as seen in the image above, but still allows placement of full helments.
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